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line_to_line Nz burners, photo by @shakewellmagazine

Earlier this year I went through a really rough time financially, and the people of tumblr came to my aid and helped me out.
I’m asking for help again, not for me, but for the shelter I work at.
The Rabbit Runaway is the only non-kill bunny shelter in our state. We take in not only unwanted bunnies, but unwanted sick bunnies. Most of them need desexing (roughly $300),some need extensive surgery before we can rehome them. We don’t get any government funding and rely on the support of kind animal lovers to keep us going.
I would love to be able to not only gain attention for this very worthy cause, but raise money too. Expensive surgeries aside, it takes a lot of money to feed and house the number of bunnies that we do.
Please donate here if you can 
To read more about the Rabbit Runaway check out our website and like the FB page
Please, if you want to get a pet rabbit or know anyone who does, please do your research before you buy one. They cost a lot of money to desex and get vaccinated. They need to live indoors, in your house our a secure shed to keep them safe from predotors. And they require a lot of time to care for – rabbit proofing your house, bonding (it can take up to a year to bond with your bunny), cleaning – and they have specific dietary requirements. They are not a pet for children, they deserve loving homes with families who integrate them into the household. Bunnies make great pets, they have huge personalities and are little bundles of love when looked after properly.
Most bunnies do not live to see the end of their first year because they are bought by people who do not think, and dumped when the novelty wears off. We deal with dumped bunnies all the time, most of which aren’t desexed. Pocket pets aren’t simple little toys you can throw away, they are living, breathing, feeling beings that deserve more than being dumped.

i have terrible music taste and you’re definitely better off without me

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this is now officially a posting binge
also this is like a year and a half old, but i posted a lot of the lead up to it so i figure ill post the final product?
I don’t think I’ve ever posted any life drawing? This is one of my favourites I’ve done, turns out twenty minutes isn’t quite enough time for a head though.

Lake Tahoe’s Fall Colors by Ed Llerandi on Flickr.